New to 2016 was the beginnings of 'Fairy Fest' - "Do You Believe?"

In July, we had the first of many classes this summer creating fairy gardens. Plans are being made to make the 2017 a city wide event. With all the fairies we 're-homed' this year, it will be interesting to see the progress of the gardens next year and hear the stories. 

2017 Gentleman's Choice Prom Tux Event is scheduled!

Come see us at the shop either Sunday, February 26 from 12:00 PM (noon) - 4:00 PM OR Monday, February, 2:00 PM - 8:00 PM to get fitted for your Prom 2017 tux! Gentleman's Choice staff will be on hand to measure and fit you for your best look for the season! 

Fisher's Petals & Posies

Also new to 2016 was our first Bridal Fair we hosted at the Rand Center in Mo Valley

September 18th was our first ever Bridal Fair! We had several local vendors participate to show the local area what all we have to offer for services. Many people attended and as we have more in the future, we hope to see more and more local people at our shows!